Are your telesales team tired?

Let us freshen them up to achieve optimum results for your needs.

Our bespoke training is designed to motivate your telesales staff. We will help them to get past the gatekeepers, overcome objections and close the sale.

We can organise on-site training on an individual or team basis. Should you prefer, we can train your staff at our training centre.

In addition, we are delighted to have Simon Kenna on board, a specialist in the field and therefore a valued associate member of our team. A distinguished sales career spanning 25 years in various commercial arenas makes him an ideal 'mentor' for sales personnel. He has brought success to countless individuals, from company owners and partnership members to corporations and sales teams, helping them to improve their style and gain a better understanding of what the buying process actually entails. His approach is based on the principle that people 'love to buy but hate to be sold to'. Simon offers a complementary service to that provided by Choice Connections and is a pivotal and trusted member of our team. Sales figures have been seen to soar after time spent with him. So why not find out more? He can be contacted directly on or via our office.

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